Supervision for companies or organizations

Individual or group supervision has become a key element for companies and organizations to successfully achieve their aims. Supervision helps to process work related issues, promotes the development of creativity and flexibility and gives tools to facilitate conflict solving, which results in a beneficial outcome for both the individual and the company or organization.

Lin has experience in working with private companies, public institutions and the third sector. Sometimes individuals contact Lin privately aiming to improve their performance at work and other times companies or organizations take that initiative. Lin has experience helping clients working for such organizations as Helsinki University, HUS, YLE and Nokia.

Training and Education

Lin Psychological Services has expertise in a variety of fields and experience in transmitting knowledge to different audiences. Some of the areas in which Lin has been working during the last years are immigration, multiculturalism, racism, gender violence, empowerment of minority groups, creativity, stress management, conflict solving inside the work context, inter-group or intra-group cooperation methods in the work place or communication skills. Lin is also interested in a broad variety of topics connected to health and well-being.

Contact Lin Psychological Services to find a tailor made solution to address the needs for supervision or training for you, your company or organization.