Lin Psychological Services offers therapy in Spanish and in English for a wide variety of psychological difficulties and life challenges. Feel free to call or email, informally and without any obligation, to discuss the issues that are the most significant for you and the possibilities to work them through. Therapy is a process of empowerment that will help you to develop your strengths, face your fears, learn new skills and improve your relationships.

Together with your therapist you will make decisions about the aims you want to achieve, the frequency of the sessions and the duration of the therapy. Attending session are available in Helsinki but online sessions are an option for those living in other regions or other countries.

Some common issues that therapy can help with are signs of depression or anxiety, social difficulties, fears or phobias, addictions, violence, obsessions, eating disorders, gender identity issues, sexual problems or relationship difficulties.

Lin Psychological Services has also specialized in offering help to immigrants during the challenging process of adapting to a new culture and language, as well as in offering counseling for multicultural couples.

Individuals from ALL gender identities or involved in ANY type of relationship are welcome to therapy.